What to Make with Sourdough Starter (Besides Bread)

Wondering what to make with sourdough starter besides a loaf of bread? This list is full of ideas for creative ways to use your starter!

What to Make with Sourdough Starter

In recent years, sourdough baking has trended definitely up. It seems like starter pets are the new lap dogs, except you get bread out of the deal instead of a hair on your pants. I’m not kidding–just ask a sourdough baker what their starter’s name is. They won’t even bat an eye when they tell you. And while I’m all about that good, crusty artisan sourdough loaf, (wo)man cannot live by bread alone. By which I mean, of course, you need to put that starter (and your discard) to good use.

So I’ve compiled a list of things to make with your sourdough starter. It includes donuts! and pizza! and so much carby goodness made even better by the tangy flavor of sourdough. Some of the recipes are mine, some are from other blogs and websites. All of them are very, very good, and will make you love that bubbly, yeasty little pet in a jar even more than you already do. And mine is named Lawrence, just in case you were wondering. Because the cheesecloth over the top makes him look like Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia.

Sourdough Donuts

Sourdough donuts

Let’s be honest–donuts are the real reason we’re here. They’re the real reason we’re anywhere. And these ones are so very good–light, airy, and tender, with pick-your-own-adventure topping options.

Sourdough Donuts Recipe

Overnight Sourdough Pancakes

Overnight Sourdough Pancakes are one of my favorite ways to use my discard. Most of the work is done the night before, so you can wake up and have pancakes in minutes! Make a double batch on the weekend and you’ll have breakfast all week long. Who said meal prep was boring?

Overnight Sourdough Pancakes Recipe

Sourdough Pancakes

Sourdough Pizza Crust

A sourdough crust pizza topped with mozzarella, slices of salami and pepperoni, and fresh basil leaves.

The word pizza is in the title. Need I say more? You can double or triple it for as many pizzas as you want, and the recipe is loaded with tips and tricks for crusty, artisan pizza. It’s pretty much like taking a little trip to Italy in your very own kitchen.

Sourdough Pizza Crust Recipe

Sourdough Focaccia

I know that focaccia is technically a bread, but this one is a lot simpler than your standard sourdough bread so I’m including. The recipe is from Stephanie, who blogs at Girl Versus Dough, and I’ve never been disappointed in any of her recipes! This one fits in perfectly with your morning starter feed, so with just a little extra effort you can have a great sourdough bread by dinner time.

Easy Sourdough Focaccia Recipe

Photo credit and rights belong to Stephanie Wise

Sourdough Bagels

I love Love LOVE these bagels. They’re everything you want for your brunch spread with the incredible flavor you expect from sourdough baking. Just don’t forget the brown sugar cream cheese schmear–it’s lightly sweetened and the perfect compliment to the bagels.

Sourdough Bagels Recipe

Sourdough Waffles

This is another recipe from Girl Versus Dough, and they make me want to make waffles on repeat. Especially if they come with piles of whipped cream and berries!

Sourdough Waffles Recipe

Photo credit and rights belong to Stephanie Wise

Sourdough English Muffins

The famous, butter catching nooks and crannies get the sourdough treatment with these classic English Muffins. Another perfect one to make the day before, then cook up the morning you want to eat them. Just don’t forget to fork split them to keep the lovely texture in tact!

Sourdough English Muffins Recipe

Sourdough English Muffins

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  1. Hi Rebecca! I’m looking for easy to follow directions for making my own sourdough starter. Do you have one you could point me to? I’ve never made one before, so I’m a bit nervous. Thanks!

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