Why Good Things Baking Co?

Good Things Baking Co. is a website devoted to helping you become a more confident & successful baker and enjoy the good things you never knew you could create in your kitchen. Let’s get baking!

How It All Began…

I first discovered the magic of creaming butter and sugar together in my early teens and baking became a regular hobby. Then after getting married, my husband and I lived in France for several months, and my life was changed forever. I walked into a world of boulangeries and patisseries stocked with beautiful breads, exquisite pastries, and croissants that literally melt in your mouth. From that time on baking became my obsession.

More Than A Hobby…

Fast forward a few years, and now you’ll find me in Woodstock, GA (it’s a pretty little city not far from Atlanta) and still baking like a crazy person. Well, actually a crazier person, because I now have two little boys. Even at 4 and 1 they are already helping me bake and learning the ropes of cookies, cakes, and breads in between trips to the park, reading books, and playing with copious amounts of LEGOs. You haven’t seen the cutest thing until you’ve seen dimple-knuckled hands trying to knead dough.

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