Normandy, France


Our month in Europe got started with almost two weeks in Normandy, France, living the dreamiest, happiest beach life you can imagine.  Our rental townhouse was a block away from Sword Beach, and we were there pretty much every possible waking moment of every day.

Prentice started out with a terrified fascination with the water, but after a couple of days he was smitten, and begged to go “play beach?” from the minute his eyes opened in the morning to the time he got tucked in at night.  The bakery was his other favorite place to go, and on the cooler mornings (things get pretty brisk on the coast, even in July!) we would opt for a walk to buy baguettes and a “‘pecial ‘nack,” which usually meant a fancy tart or eclair that was anticipated and talked about ALL DAY LONG.  

I didn’t edit the color on that photo at all.  The sky was really that blue, and the clouds truly that white and fluffy.  

These were from the Sunday morning market in Caen.  It wasn’t exclusively a farmer’s, or even food market, but the produce stands were beautiful, and the fruits and veggies were amazing. The tiny purple artichokes were one of my favorite things there, as well as the ruffly tomatoes.  And of course, we had to stop for a fresh, warm crepe, one smeared with butter, and the other given a perfect sprinkle of sugar. 


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