October is what really marks the end of summer for me.  School may begin in August now (seriously?), but pool season is still in full swing in my brain.  In September, the heat begins to loose some of it’s intensity and feel a bit tired, but I still lick my ice cream cones and ignore the pumpkins that sprout up everywhere. Not yet pie, not yet.f

But with the first day of October comes the realization that the breeze is beginning to nip, and will soon have the full bite of winter’s frosts, and I start to feel nostalgic and a wee bit melancholy.  One of the saddest parts is saying goodbye to my garden.  I may not be any master gardener, but I do love sinking my fingers into the dirt and watching the slow magic of seeds turning to sprouts, sprouts growing to flower, and flowers becoming something breath-takingly beautiful or delicious to eat.

So with the leaves falling and the warm blankets coming out, here are a few pictures to say goodbye to the glory that was this summer and hello to the wonder that comes next. 

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