Off to See the World

So, things have changed a bit around here. As in, the around here is now…France. We picked up and left our little house behind for a few weeks, and are living by a little house near the sea in Normandy.  

I’ve kept the trip fairly quiet for several reasons. First of all, the itinerary wasn’t even finalized until last week. “No minute like the last” is totally our motto. And we rock it. Also, I’ve felt a little bit, I dunno, awkward about it all. Almost like taking a trip that we’ve dreamed of ever since we got back from Europe the first time is just showing off, and too much. But I realized that’s silly. This is a blessing God has given us. And there’s nothing wrong with delighting in it and sharing it with friends and family.  

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far– two days in New York, surviving an overnight flight with a 2 year old, and a loooong drive from Brussels, Belgium to Normandy, France, plus a visit to the boulangerie.  Micah can’t take all of the time off, so he’ll be working during the week and we’ll spend weekends taking it all in. I have my heart set on Monet’s house, Mont St. Michel, and we’ll definitely visit the landing beaches and World War II memorials. Our AirBnB is just down the street from the beach (see picture above), so The Bops and I will probably spend a good portion of our days there. And the boulangerie, because who am I kidding?

After Normandy, there will be a weekend in Paris (don’t tell, but I think that’s what I’m most excited about. Best. City. Ever.). Then we’ll fly down to Florence, Italy to check out all of the art, and then wrap  it up in Rome to visit our pal the Pope. Just kidding! We’re not friends with him. He seems nice and all, but we’re a bit too Protestant to be BFFs, if you know what I mean. 

All told, we’ll be gone for about 4 weeks, and while I know it will be long and we’ll miss home, part of me feels like I’m are back home. Europe was where Micah and I made our rather nomadic home for the first few months of our marriage, and in spite of the jet lag and the frustration of a lost bag (why, United? WHY?), it feels kind of like we’re right where we belong. 

So all of that to say, expect a picture explosion that is not (all) food related (le gasp!). Instagram won’t know what hit it. I’ll probably break this blog with all of the photos. I’ll tell and show you everything I see that’s worth sharing, and if you think that’s obnoxious, come back in August. I’ll be too exhausted to be annoying then. 



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