An Autumn Feast

Note:  I’m STILL working on getting the rest of the pictures from our European Summer trip up on the blog, and hopefully all of them will be present and accounted for in the next week.  But until then…

You know what I love about fall where I live? 

90 degree days.  Which essentially means that summer just lasts a littttle bit longer–more pool days, more ice cream cones, more sunshine.  But there’s a certain golden hint in the late afternoon light, combined with a hint of a breeze and leaves on the ground that tell me that cooler weather is, most certainly, right around the corner.  And fall weather means that we roast instead of grill our meat and veggies, and bake instead of freeze all of our desserts.  I think I can be good with that.

And here, for your enjoyment, is a Fall Menu, curated from some of my favorite websites and blogs around the ‘net. (<–sorry)  Happy Fall eating!

Fall Dinner

Roasted Chicken — I use this method from NomNomPaleo, and add a sliced lemon and fresh rosemary sprigs to the cavity.  It’s poultry perfection every single time.
Roasted Sweet Potatoes — If you have time, slow roast them like this.  They’re pretty much out of this world, though I hardly ever have it together enough to use that method and am throwing them into a very hot oven an hour before we eat.  Don’t be like me.
Roasted Broccoli — So easy, there’s no recipe needed.  Simply spread broccoli spears on a foil lined roasting sheet, drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with large-grain salt.  Roast at high heat (400 degrees or so) for 15-25 minutes, depending on how “done” you like it.  Finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
Sourdough Rustic RollsThis recipe is gooood, and it comes from one of the websites most responsible for wasting my time.  I don’t care for olives, so they didn’t make it in.  No sourdough starter on hand?  No prob.  These ones will stand in for you nicely.
Dutch Apple Galette — The perfect dessert for the feast.



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