Meeting the Composers

When traveling, you get to meet many interesting characters.  You know, the sweet little old lady who lives in the apartment next door, or the like-wise traveling character who sits across from you on the train.  Maybe it’s the very kind girl who works at the bakery you visit nearly every day, and though she doesn’t speak much of your language she’s glad to use what she does know and help you with learning her’s.
But some of the people you may meet are dead.  At least, dead in body, though part of them may live on through something like, say, their music. Vienna is a great place to meet the musical kind.

Herr Brahms.  In statuary, as in life, his shirt needs to be ironed.















And next we have the ever lovely Beethoven.  I blew him a kiss…












…but he wasn’t amused.  The old crank.















How about some more Vienna pictures next time?  We loved it there– such a beautiful city, with history in every cobblestone you step on.



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