That Time We Went to Costa Rica…

See the end of the post for full lists and links of our trip’s activities
So the interwebs are weekly full of this thing called “Throwback Thursday,” or #tbt.  Every seven days, Facebook and Instagram blow up with cute, funny, and generally nostalgic pictures from years gone by.  However, I can’t ever seem to hit it dead on, since I find the adorable/hilarious/embarrassing photo on, say, a Monday.  Or Friday.  And apparently #tbf isnt a thing.

But today, I am on top of it!  So we are throwing that back so far. Like, a month and a half far.  Waaaaay back.

It’s Costa Rica time, baby!  These are my favorite pictures from the trip, and maybe some food.  Because beans and rice is a distinctive cuisine?

We started by renting a car in San Jose and drive north to volcano country.  We were warned that “Costa Rica drivers are not very good” by the care rental dude, and he wins the Understatement of the Year Award.  “Not very good” actually means “Life is not so dear, nor breathing so sweet that I wouldn’t rather pass you at 90 kilometers/hour on this two lane hairpin turn on a mountain road with a semi coming at us from the other direction.”  I wish I were exaggerating. The pedestrians are even worse, but I’m pretty sure we have better things to talk about.

Like… volcanoes!

Sadly, this is the only volcano we got to see the top of, because Volcan Arenal’s peak was covered in clouds the whole time we were there.  But this was breakfast at our hotel every morning!  And it was quite tasty, even if eating black beans for breakfast qualified as a new experience.

We did, however go hiking (and off-trailing) in the national park around the Volcano.

IMG_5154 IMG_5157 IMG_5165

This gorgeous little viper was pointed out to us by a park ranger, who told us (through hand gestures and over-enunciated Spanish) that they like to hang out on trees and snap at the hands of unsuspecting hikers who grab the trees.  45 minutes after a bite, you’ll lose your limb.  1.5 hours later, you become an article on the internet about tourists who die visiting Costa Rica. But don’t let that spoil your plans to go visit!  Apparently they’re pretty rare.

No, really.  Seeing them is really unusual and kind of exciting.  As long as you stay far, far away.

On our way back to the Southern part of the country, we stopped at the Fortuna Waterfall.  Best part of the trip, hands down. Like everything else in CR, they’ve discovered that tourism pays so it costs ten dollars to go see it, but definitely worth it.  You can play under the waterfall, or hike on the rocks all around it.  We only had about an hour, but I wish we’d had so many more, because we were having a grand time.



After Arenal, we headed to Quepos, which is on the beach and where a majority of tourism in CR happens. As you can see, we had it pretty rough while we were there, since the view from the porch of our accomodations looked something like this:IMG_5194

I didn’t edit that photo at all. Crazy.

The beach was about a ten minute walk down the road, and Manuel Antonio National Park (where we saw most of our monkeys and other critters) was another 10 or so away.  The beaches were beautiful, and the water was so waaaarrrrrm.  Like, I could live in it and be happy.  But Micah would probably overheat and die, so maybe not.

IMG_5260 IMG_5210 IMG_5204

I think that about does it for pictures. Except for the flowers. Oh the flowers. Oh they were gorgeous.





Hotel {Not the most posh, and really far off the beaten path. But it was clean, and the food was excellent}
Hot Springs  {Naturally heated from the volcanic activity, but so ritzy and posh.  And really random and fun for us.}

La Fortuna Waterfall  {Just go.  You won’t be sorry}


Apartment  {We rented this one, but because it was the slow season were given a free upgrade to the one with a balcony}
Zip Line  {Great guides, and lots of fun.  Includes lunch, which was very good}
Manuel Antonio Park  {Great place for animal seeing, and private swimming beaches.}

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