An Ode to the Suitcase

“If it’s half as good as the half we’ve known, here’s Hail! to the rest of the road.” — Sheldon Vanauken


Hi friends. Yeah, it’s been a while. But I’ve got a broken foot, and moved, and stuff.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. But now that we’re all settled in, I’m determined to get back on top of it, with it being life. Blogging is definitely real life.

Having a nice little place of our own is so incredibly wonderful. I unpacked my suitcase, put it in the storage shed, and told it good riddance. Kind of.


I mean, really. No matter how hard you try, a suitcase always gets messy. And when you’re living out of one of the things, it means that you’ll probably be moving again soon. And I’ll be honest here. Wearing the same six shirts over, and over, and over again got really, really old.

Those pieces of luggage get heavy too. Lugging them hither and yon, up flights of stairs at a train station and down again into a metro, or a mile to your current place of residence and then up more stairs to your room, it can wear on the back.


But no matter how annoyed I got with a suitcase for Container of All Things, it’s still sad to put away everything that it meant. Like seeing new places every day, or hearing new words and languages. Exploring worlds that we’d never known before and couldn’t have imagined. Learning new ways to get around, whether it was a public transportation system that made you keep a firm hand on your valuables, or a train speeding through unimaginably beautiful countryside.



All of this to say that we miss it. Over the past few days we’ve talked a lot about how wonderful it was to be in Europe for three whole months, and all of the wonderful memories we’ve made. We remember things like walking around Venice looking for places to escape from all of the other tourists, or hiking through misty forests in Germany. We talk about how France kind of does still feel like home, probably because it was the first home we had together. We laugh at some of the frustrations, talk about all of the strange little stories that come with traveling, and we miss our friends there.

But more than anything, we are grateful because all of the missing means we got to experience something worth longing for. And we got to do it together.

P.S. This post to be followed by updates on life in the current sense. Not just, you know being all nostalgic and such.

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