You are about to be subjected to another castle post.
Run and hide, all ye who care not for broken down heaps of stone.

But this is a special castle, because this one was in Ireland.  Which means that the little green men lived there once, and still might for all I know.  But if they do, they cleared out while we were in what once was Puck’s Castle. Originally a fortified house dating back to the 16th century, it sheltered James II and his army after the Battle of the Boyne, and like all good Irish castles is famous for it’s ghosts.  Fortunately, said inhabitants were out with the leprechauns when we were there, so we poked and explored unscathed by the laying on of icy cold fingers or mysterious visions.  Snicker, snicker.

It was really quite easy to get to.  If you take the green LUAS line in Dublin from St. Stephen’s Green in the direction of Brides Glen, you’ll find yourself at the end of the line in about forty-five minutes.  Tickets cost only €2.80/person for the whole ride, and it was definitely worth the investment for a few hours in the Irish countryside.  Puck’s Castle was about a mile’s walk from the train station, and all of it through tree and flower lined roads.


Maybe I shouldn’t mention the gate on the field with the castle in it, the one that we climbed.  It had a really old sign on it that couldn’t be read.  Might have said “No Trespassing”, but that’s a really  wild guess.  I mean, why would anyone put that on a gate to an almost empty green meadow?

The best part of this castle was that while it is in a state of definite decay, it also has several interior rooms and staircases that are intact enough to access.  So access them we did, Micah climbing the walls first and pulling me up after.  I married an amazing man.







All those stories you hear about Ireland being incredibly green?  They’re all true.  I’ve seen nothing in the U.S. that would even compare with the intensity of it.  While it’s definitely an inhabited sort of land, it still feels quite rugged and untamed.  We would love to see more of the countryside someday, and are kind of sad that we were stuck in the city so much.


The staircase inside actually went up three flights (oh joy!), and you could get to the top of the wall.  Micah went up there, and finding it all rather slippery and unsure advised me against it though he did say it was beautiful.  And of course, we had to get our self-portrait inside.  Because we’re amazing at those.


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