When in Ireland…

It was such a full, wonderful weekend, with scurrying all over Dublin on Saturday, and a long relaxing Sunday north of the city.  I’m still hardly able to believe that not only have we lived in France we managed to see Ireland, or at least part of it in the same journey.   Talk about dreams coming true!
But anyway, back to Saturday.  We did the town, so to speak, or at least the parts we hadn’t done.  But my absolute favorite part of the day was… the pubs.  I know, hard to believe.  But even though neither of us can stand the smell or taste of beer, and it was hot and loud, but there was Irish flavor a-plenty everywhere you looked.

For dinner we stopped at this joint.





Later that night, we went back to a pub called O’Neill’s for the live traditional music, and it was so insanely lots of fun. I actually knew a few of the songs the musicians sang, and all of them were incredibly enjoyable. It’s always good to mix with some of the locals, and imbibe a little local color.



So if you’re ever in Dublin, stop by O’Neill’s. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

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