Le Chateau du Haugeneck

Or, “Guard Rails are for Wimps”
Just kidding!  Kind of.

Perhaps you have learned by now, or maybe not, that one of our favorite things to do is find castles.  So much mystery, such adventure has been seen in the decaying brick walls, and we love digging and poking around in wooded hills to find them.

Haugeneck (pronounced Hozsh-nek, if that makes any sense) was one of the best ones we found in France.  You could actually access the tower by means of the original stone staircase, and this scored major points in our book.  There’s nothing worse than something that has been modernized, or worse yet completely closed off.




The view from the top of the tower was pretty spectacular.  It majorly helped that it was a very clear day when many of the others were overcast.


And then! We decided to get all gutsy and climb over the guard rails and explore the castle walls.


You know he jumped.  There is video footage, but the camera couldn’t contain all of that awesomeness.


There were some really weird people there too.  Not sure why they do things like this.  But hey, we’ll take pictures of them being weird.  It’s all the same to us.


This picture is my favorite–it’s so misty and pretty.  It makes me think of Camelot.

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