A First Time for Everything

I'm not a very good mom when it comes to the "firsts."  Poor P-man didn't get a baby book, so I don't really remember what date the first tooth popped out or how old he was when he gave his first belly laugh.  We didn't send out birth announcements or Christmas cards for his first Christmas (horrors!), and if you want any specifics on sitting, eating, or crawling, I will have to refer to the dates on my phone pictures.  No worries though, I've got the birth date pretty well established in my brain. But here's a first for the history books- the first cinnamon roll:

Bless the pudgy little hands, which had previously known not the joys of gooey, cinnamoned breakfast pastries.

I used Dessert for Two's recipe for Quick Small Batch Cinnamon Rolls, and they were perfect for getting breakfast in front of a hungry little one year old.  Things can get pretty desperate in the morning.

But frosting?  Frosting fixes everything.  Which is why we should all occasionally face-plant in it.