{Make It Pretty} Herb Window Planter

  {Hopefully there will be a cabinet update soon, but in the meantime here's a little side project that happened between layers drying on doors}

I always love the flavors that fresh herbs bring to food, but they get so expensive when you buy the little containers from the store, and it's so darned inconvenient.  So even though I have just about the brownest thumb in the world, I've decided to try growing some in my kitchen window.  I figure I can't really neglect something that's sitting right in front of my face, and the plants probably won't have the gall to die while I stare at them.  Or at least that's what I'm hoping.

To begin, here's our very stellar cast of characters: IMG_1437

The plant, of course (I started with basil).


Square glass containers from Michael's.  I got rid of the lid and the plastic lid gripper thingy (anyone got a technical name on that for me?) and washed it to remove finger prints.

IMG_1439 Jute ribbon. I like the look of it, though probably any ribbon would do the job.


Chalkboard labels and a white chalk marker.


And here's the finished product!  I'm hoping to have several soon to fill out the windowsill.

IMG_1476 IMG_1475