Fruit Tarts and Happy Things

Well, what do you know.  This looks like it's becoming a food blog.  Statistic show that three out of the last four posts have been recipes, which means I need to practice my food photography. On the menu today?  a TART!  A fruit tart to be exact.  One of the secret longings of my heart for quite some time has been to own a tart pan.  I just think that they're so happy and pretty (the final product, not the pan), and leave you with a million and one creative options.  So I got me a tart pan from Crate and Barrel, because Crate and Barrel is actually quite the coolest store imaginable when it comes to home goods.  Especially if you have a couple million dollars to furnish your house with.  I'm still waiting on that one.


Please realize that the random knife handle in the photo is artistic, not messy.  We appreciate you naivety.

But back to the actual tart.  This particular one was coming with me to a social gathering and needed to be dairy free, which can be quite tricky if pastry is anywhere in the discussion.  Oh, and pastry cream.  Equally necessary in this equation.

I would like to say for the record that I love Pinterest.  Pinterest answers my deepest questions in life, like how to make dairy free pastry cream.  I go deep.


And while stirring it on the stovetop, you might as well take a moment to admire your very blue, very pretty tea kettle, and be grateful that it's a lovely pop of color in your otherwise very-white kitchen.  It's a happy thing.


And I used this recipe for the crust, substituting a Crisco (gulp) baking stick for the butter.  I also got to use my hand mixer for the very first time...


...and stop to sniff my candle.  Any candle called Springtime in Paris is definitely worth stopping to sniff. It's another happy thing.


But oh, the final product.  After your crust is cooled, the cream is spread out inside, and a profusion of strawberries and blueberries are arranged on top, then is when you get really happy.


It definitely calls for great rejoicing.  And lots of eating.

Bon appetit!