Cheval Fajitas

Cheval. I'm sorry.  It just still feels weird to say it in English, but I'll do it anyway.

Horse Fajitas.

But we did eat it!  And it's actually really quite good, if it's prepared right.  Thankfully I had a bit of direction before starting from a French gentleman who knew what he was talking about.  It's something like beef, but because of it's low fat content, if the outside of your cut isn't sear quickly before the inside cooks slowly, you'll end up with tough, stringy meat.   There are actually lots of health benefits to eating horse meat, not the least of which is overcoming psychological barriers.  You can find a really interesting infographic comparing the health facts of beef and horse here. Here's a hint: Horse wins.

To start, I sliced my cheval (sorry) steaks into strips, and marinated them in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and chili powder. The chili powder was an accomplishment in France, and cumin is unheard of. But it was still quite tasty. IMG_1021

And of course, what are fajitas without lots of beautiful colors from peppers and onions? Incidentally, I love how the inside of stainless steel mixing bowls reflect the colors. It's the little things, right? IMG_1024 IMG_1032

And then, of course you have to take your dinner on a walk and eat in the park. Cheval tastes even better in the evening light, and the best company makes it a sublime dinner. But sorry, I already married the best company. IMG_1048