Across the Country in Four Days, Part 2

At the close of yesterday's breath-taking drama, I left you with promises of Kansas.  How's that for a let down?  This is how enthusiastic we were about it. Kansas_edit (1 of 3)

I mean, you have to admit that this is pretty exciting stuff...

Kansas_edit (3 of 3)

But once we got to Missouri, it calmed down a lot. And the pictures got kind of blurry, until the next morning in Kentucky! The good people there specialize in barns. The may be red, they may be run down, they may be quaint, they may be utilitarian. But there surely are many, and not far between.

Kentucky_edit (1 of 1)

After sleeping through Tennessee, we made it to Georgia and began apartment shopping. Found a place the next day, which is SO exciting, since it's our first little home that we'll keep more than a month. We move in next week, and then get to begin the fun of settling in. I'll have to post pictures when it actually looks like a house, no?

Have a lovely, happy day!