Across the Country in Four Days, Part 1

Somehow, that's not quite as epic as Jules Verne's title.  But it felt like a very, very long time to be in the car, even though we took a break to visit Colorado.  Even so, it's kind of a fun accomplishment for this airline brat.  All told we went through California, Nevada, Arizona (for a very few miles), Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.  That's 11 whole states folks!  I'd been to all but one of them (Nevada) before, but it was such fun to do it with Micah and watch the landscape roll by and change as we went. I tried to take at least one picture of every state we went through, but Illinois and Utah were pitch black, and I slept through pretty much all of Tennessee.  Some of them didn't turn out too well, due to a moving vehicle and all that, but hey, it's the... memory.  That's what counts.  Right?  Yeah.  Definitely worth taking up space on my hard drive for.

But anyway!  This is what Californian desert looks like.  It's long, and well over a hundred degrees.  Items of interest included the Borax mine, lots of Joshua trees, and high gas prices.

California_edit (1 of 1)

After that came Nevada, and... LAS VEGAS!  We spent a bit of time walking around the Bellagio gardens and shops, and though some of it was quite pretty, it also felt a bit tacky and small scale after Europe.

And now!  Let's have a game of name that movie....

"We stole de Eiffel Tower!

The small one. From Las Vegas."

Nevada_edit (2 of 4)

After that came Utah! Which was black. And still hot. And we drove until 2:30 in the morning! But that part was fun, because the best conversations always start at about midnight, right? But we hit the road again the next morning and drove through western Colorado.

And got bored. Decapitating gummy bears is a decent pastime though. Colorado_edit (1 of 3)

And our first leg of the trip ended thus in Denver with a week visiting family and friends. I'll put up the Eastern part of the drive tomorrow, with Kansas in all it's glory. And that was my sarcastic voice.