In Which I Make Excuses

Well hi again.  It's been almost a week folks.  A whole long week, and I haven't even stopped by to show you pictures or nuthin'.  Shame, shame. But I have a good reason.  At least I tell myself it is.  Remember that bike, the one that I could anything I wanted with?  Well, I did.  And here's the scorecard to date.

Woman vs. MotorcycleRound 1: Motorcycle

Oh, and we spent the entire afternoon of our 4th of July in the E.R., just me, Micah, and Lydia, mine incredibly patient sister-in-law.  The past two statements of information are correlated, as these are now my new best friends:


The original pictures are kind of gross, so I won't subject you to them. But don't you think I'm majorly redefining cankles here? The lopsided thing is definitely picturesque.  But beyond three broken metatarsals and a bit of road rash, I'm really in excellent condition and so blessed and grateful for that.  No surgery required, and I won't be sporting my very styling medical shoe in a mere few weeks.


In other news, we're driving across the country, with a break in Denver to visit family. Sadly, we had to forego several stops along the way since hiking the Grand Canyon or the Arches in Utah is rather difficult on crutches. But there has been some beautiful scenery, good conversations, and even a brief stop in Las Vegas.  I'll have to show you some better pictures next time. ;)