Kindle Review

I'm about to lose about every bibliophile who ever looked at this website.  Might not betoo many, but they're probably gone because of the confession I'm about to make.

I didn't bring one book with me to Europe.  At least not in the paper and ink variety.

I brought this instead:



Before we were married, Micah bought one of these Kindle e-readers for himself, and one for me so that we wouldn't have to be lugging books all over the place.  And I am so incredibly glad he did.  The things weigh less than a pound together, including the cases.  Seeing that we've read a total of at least 9 books between the two of us, including two Bibles, two dictionaries, and a Dickens novel.  Which means we've probably saved ourselves at least 15 pounds of weight.

They actually have some very handy features.  You can read the same book on your computer or different Kindle devices, and then sync to your reading location with all of them.  You can make notes or highlight excerpts, and then reference them later.  If you're connected to WiFi, you can even shop on Amazon.  The battery lasts for several weeks, and when you turn it off it shows book adds.  Some of these can be annoying, but it's not been anything offensive.


Another bonus is the economical factor. Purchasing through Ebay, Micah paid about $50 for each Kindle, and then I paid another $6 for each case which is a grand total of $112. This isn't too impressive on the front end, but considering that Amazon offers many Kindle books for free, and many others are only a dollar or two we've already more than covered the cost of the Kindles.  These are only simple readers because we wanted something reading on plane and train rides, not multi-media devices.


I have always loved reading, so while I can't say that my Kindle has replaced a good hardback to hold in my hands I do think it's one of the best purchases we made for traveling.