See this man?  He's my husband, and he's a genius. IMG_1452

He's really good at fixing problems, and having brilliant ideas.  And he really, really hates inefficiency and wasting time.  So low and behold, he came up with this insanely good idea.  Those trains schedules...

Paris_edit (6 of 6)


Paris_edit (4 of 6)

and maps...

Paris_edit (3 of 6)

...all of which we were painstakingly writing down, and then searching for in an endless notebook--why not just take pictures of them and save ourselves a lot of time and headache?  And it works like a charm.  Just so you know, the farther away your camera is from the computer screen, the more legible the picture will be.  Zoom is a many splendored thing.

What are some of your genius traveling ideas?

P.S. All pictures used by kind permission of the personages represented therein.  Except the dude with his mouth stuffed full of food.  I didn't ask him.