Black Forest Chocolate Donut Holes

I love, adore, and married a paragon of self control.  For real, Micah can look at his favorite food and if it's bad for him, or he's already had some that day, he can walk away with no regrets.  Some of it's born of food sensitivities that he'd rather not deal with (which I get), and some of it is just sheer strength of will power (don't get that one).

But when you're like me and your biggest regrets in life are the pastries left behind, this can be as difficult to live with, let alone understand.  There's nothing worse than reeeaaallly wanting another cookie when your spouse is all "Oh, I've had one.  I'm good."  One? ONE?  How the heck am I supposed to go for number three after a comment like that?  These scenarios tend to inspire a mix of immense admiration and sheer puzzlement for me.

Black Forest Donut Holes-1.jpg

And one of the biggest differences in our tastes is donuts.  Yes, you read that right.  The man doesn't like them.  I kinda get it in some circumstances, like grocery store varieties or even Dunkin' Donuts.  But a good donut is practically a piece of edible art in my book.  How can you not want them all?

But these chocolate cake donut holes from How Sweet Eats are one of the few that he has enjoyed. For real.  As in he voluntarily eats them.  Sometimes, if he's feeling really wild, he'll eat two!  That's a pretty red-letter day for me.

But I wanted to dress them up.  Give them a little 'zazz, if you will.  So I threw in one of my favorite flavor combos in the history of ever.  I've made a very authentic, from a European lady recipe Black Forest Cake before, which you can see here. (But cover your eyes.  The pictures are so brilliant you won't be able to take it.)  The pipettes definitely make them a little more fun, and I use these from Amazon.  A little bit of whipped white chocolate ganache adds a creamy bit of sweeness. What could be better than a donut that tastes like that cake, with a pipette of jelly to squeeze at your own pleasure?

Black Forest Donut Holes-6.jpg
Black Forest Donut Holes-7.jpg

Nothing, I tell you.  Nothing could be better.  Hence these came to be.  And I have no regrets in life.